Principal's Message

Principal Penton
My name is Ian Penton and I am the principal at Judkins Middle School. This is my 21st year with Lucia Mar. I am a K-12 product of the district and have deep roots in our community. I spent ten years working at Arroyo Grande High School as a teacher, coach, and administrator. My experience at the high school level helps me better prepare our students for the rigorous expectations at the next level. I have worked at the district office and had the opportunity to work with each principal at every school site. This is my twelfth year at Judkins and I thoroughly enjoy working with middle school students. Judkins has a consistent track record of impressive student growth.  Spring of 2019 state testing results proved this yet again. Our results are directly connected to the hard work we have done together over the past several years.  Teachers have focused on quality instruction, creating rigorous classes that are also engaging. We strive to create the perfect academic fit for each student and meet them at their appropriate instructional level. When students are behind in reading and math, we consistently advance them more than one year's growth. When a student is advanced, we challenge them to go even higher.   
Middle school is a critical time of growth and development. We are committed to preparing students for success in high school and whatever path they should choose to take in the future. We work closely with our feeder elementary schools to tailor a program for each student. We also work closely with Arroyo Grande High School and Central Coast New Tech High to set in place a plan for student success at the next level.
Judkins has a strong record of academic excellence. We pride ourselves on high expectations. The staff at Judkins works hard to adjust to the academic needs of our students. Our goal is to partner with parents to foster the growth of our students.  We want to make school a safe and fun place to be. There are multiple opportunities for students and families to connect to our campus. We encourage all students to get involved in some kind of extra-curricular activity to either extend their learning or connect to the campus.
Please feel free to contact me should you have any comments or concerns.  Your student is attending an incredible school.
Stalking Excellence,
Ian Penton