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Cell Phone Policy


Cell phones have become a major distraction/interruption to the learning environment. 

Please remind your child to turn off their cell phone when they arrive at school. All cell phones must be powered off (not on silent or vibrate) from 7:30 am to 2:20 pm, unless used to contribute to instruction with permission from the teacher. A student who wants to use the restroom must leave their cell phone with their teacher. 


  • The first time a student is caught violating the policy, the phone will be confiscated. The parent will be notified and the phone will be held in the office until the parent can pick it up.
  • The second incident will result in the same procedure plus 5 days lunch detention.
  • The third offense will result in an in-house suspension from school for defiance of the rule three times. 
Administration highly recommends that each family create a contract with specific expectations and parameters for cell phone use.