Dress Code

General Guidelines

All clothing worn to school should serve to protect the modesty and safety of each student.  Clothing that may create a distraction or impede the education process is not allowed.  The principal or his designee will make the final determination of whether or not a student’s appearance or dress meets this requirement.  These general guidelines for Judkins students are in effect on all school days and at all school events, unless directed otherwise by a coach or teacher.


v  May not wear “baggy, saggy”/oversized

v  No exposed undergarments; pants must be worn so they are level with the waistline at the hips.

v  No torn, ripped, or clothing with excessive holes that reveal portions of the body banned by the dress code

v  Girl’s shorts, skirts or dresses may not be too short.  It will be deemed too short if the shorts/skirt/dress is shorter than the student’s knuckles when the student’s arms are extended straight down at their side and hands are in a fist. Students should not have to pull/tug their clothing in order to meet the length requirement.

v  No skin tight or transparent clothing may be worn unless as undergarments.


v  Tank tops must be FULL COVERAGE: not low cut and not exposing extraneous straps: bra or otherwise. NO SPAGHETTI STRAPS

v  No strapless shirts

v  Full coverage tank tops must be worn under lacey or sheer shirts.

v  NO short tops which are so short that the student’s midriff is exposed when the student raises his/her arms above his/her head.


v  No hair paints, wildly colored hair (example: purple, green, blue, orange)

v  No distracting wild hairstyles (example: Mohawks and hair spikes more than 1 inch tall)

v  No wallet chains or other large, long chains

v  NO spiked accessories

v  No backpack or shirt patches which display inappropriate language or pictures.

v  No hats (except for verified medical reasons)

v  No bandanas

v  No sunglasses (except for verified medical reasons)

 Other: Symbols, jewelry, slogans, pictures or other designs that are considered to be gang-related; promote tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs; promote violence, racism, or crude behavior; contain sexual innuendoes or objectify women and men; or are otherwise offensive are not permitted.  These prohibited symbols, slogans, pictures, or designs may include, but are not limited to: Old English lettering, depictions of prison life, partially clothed figures, gang symbols, gang colors, “Smile Now, Cry Later” sayings/faces, anti-authority signs, swastikas and weapons.

Then Judkins Student Dress Code is intended to help create an environment that is safe, secure and focused on learning. We want our students to come to school dressed appropriately and ready to learn. Your support is much appreciated. Students who violate the Judkins Student Dress Code will face the following disciplinary action:

FIRST OFFENSE- Replacement clothing will be given and parents contacted.

SECOND OFFENSE-Replacement clothing will be given, parents notified, and 5 days of lunch detention assigned.

THIRD OFFENSE-In-house suspension for continual defiance.